Payment Gateway
  • Fast gateway account setup
  • Accepts credit & debit card payments
  • Secure cross border payments
  • Credit and debit card processing
  • Accepts Paypal payments
  • Integrates with your website or app
  • Easy to set up
  • Scales with you from startup to enterprise
  • Suitable for the largest volumes
  • In-house technical expertise
  • Technically advanced system
  • Tailored solutions available
Security & Uptime
  • L1 PCI DSS Compliant with 2048-bit SSL data encryption, ensuring the highest level of secure payment services and top performance.
  • Constantly adapted and improved by our internet payment and fraud management experts to respond to changes in regulations or technology.
  • Forward thinking, bringing you the latest payment technology solutions first.
  • Reliable, guaranteeing a 99.99% uptime for all online merchants regardless of industry or sector
  • Real – time transaction reports
  • Product unique visits vs. actual sales
  • Track sales by currency, product, payment type, etc.
  • Customer information for sales that didn’t successfully close
  • Billing statements to monitor transactions
  • Chargeback reason codes & Declined codes
  • Billing and approval rates
  • Bank hold statements
  • Fraud analysis and transaction analysis reports
Fraud Prevention
  • Intelligent Real-Time fraud management solution
  • Instant, accurate decision on all transactions
  • Interactive interface with in-depth reporting
  • Predictive and behavioural analytics
  • Minimise fraudulent sales
  • Integrated fraud risk management and scrubbing tools
  • Transaction risk scoring
  • Personalised online fraud detection tool selection
  • Extensive black-list database