Payment methods

We’re going global. So can you.

Process beyond borders

  • Take payments in every currency
  • Serve customers in 180 countries speaking 29 languages
  • Most used payment methods in every local market
  • Secure cross border payment services
  • All internationally popular payment systems
  • Most competitive rates for all transactions
  • Simple and quick integration, instant access

  • Shopping carts
  • Supported cards

Settlement Currencies

  • Eliminate unexpected currency conversions
  • Eliminate international bank fees
  • Checkout in 180 different currencies
  • Support 29 languages
  • Choose from 12 settlement currencies


US Dollar USD Swiss franc CHF
European Euro EUR Canadian Dollar CAD
British Pound GBP Japanese Yen JPY
Hong Kong Dollar HKD Norwegian Kroner NOK
Australian Dollar AUD Swedish Krona SEK
New Zealand Dollar NZD Danish Krone DKK

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