Online Payments News: Paydoo’s September Picks

Welcome to “Paydoo Picks”, the monthly Paydoo series where the team shares the key news, articles and developments from the past month in the payments industry.

After having read these pieces, you will be up to date on key industry developments and topics. So, without further ado, let’s explore September in the payments industry.

Paydoo Pick #1

For a long time and in the eyes of many, the payments industry has seemed to be be on the very cusp of delivering transformative changes to the way payments are made around the world.

This fascinating thought piece written by Karen Webster of explores just where the payments industry stands at this moment, and which key inflection points are already behind us.

Paydoo Pick #2

VISA outline how imminent updates to both Verified By Visa (VBV) and 3-D Secure authentication systems will mean more secure and convenient transactions for both consumers, merchants and financial institutions.

Fraud is a key issue facing the payments industry and these developments are key in protecting both consumers and merchants. If you would like to top-up your knowledge with some key facts, you can read our “Understanding Online Fraud” post from this month.

Paydoo Pick #3

The origins of this internet payment platform can be found in the mid-2000s and in the years since, it has grown to serve over 450 million customers. This rapid growth has given the platform a solid base, and they have a new ambitious goal: 2 billion customers within the next 10 years.

Paydoo Pick #4

An integration agreement between ACI Worldwide and Ethoca means that PSPs, acquirers, processors and online merchants can benefit from bolstered fraud defenses. Ultimately, the agreement will lead to reduced fraud losses and fewer chargebacks for merchants.

Paydoo Pick #5

Despite the fact that the momentum gained by Pokémon Go has began to wane, there is no denying the large impact that the game had globally. This article from letstalkpayments takes a look at what the game’s success can tell us about payments and commerce.

Paydoo Pick #6

It seems like not a day goes by where payday loans are not in the news. The staggering interest rates have made many news outlets question the ethical integrity of such loans – but could installment loans be waiting to replace them? This article from PYMNTS explores the rise of installment loans.

Paydoo Pick #7

The second part of Tesla’s Master Plan was published earlier this year, and Tim Spenny of Letstalkpayments noticed one glaring omission: where do payments fit into Musk’s vision?

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