Online Payments News: Paydoo’s October Picks

Welcome to “Paydoo Picks”, the monthly Paydoo series where the team shares the key news, articles and developments from the past month in the payments industry.

After having read these pieces, you will be up to date on industry developments and topics.

Let’s explore October in the payments industry.

Paydoo Pick #1 

ACI Worldwide and VocaLink Team on Real-time Payments Infrastructure – ACI Worldwide

News of this partnership broke just at the end of September, and millions of customers stand to benefit from it.

The coming together of these two parties will make the implementation of real-time payments initiatives much easier. The article here is the official press release from ACI Worldwide, and goes into further depth on the specifics of the partnership.

Paydoo Pick #2

Facebook Messenger Will Now Let You Make Online Payments Thanks To More Than 30,000 Chat Bots – TechTimes

Facebook’s Messenger app has over a billion users per month and by allowing those users to process payments from within the app, Facebook are hoping to create an “internet within the internet” – a closed ecosystem that will keep their users on the platform.

In this piece, Vamien McKalin of Tech Times takes a look at this latest development for Facebook’s Messenger and predicts how the service will develop from its current beta phase.

Paydoo Pick #3

Is Zurich Europe’s Next Great FinTech Hub? – PYMNTS

Banking and finance are the cornerstones of the Swiss economy. Those historic strengths, coupled with the most competitive economy in the world, could make Switzerland the home to Europe’s “next great fintech hub”.

In this article, PYMNTS outlines numerous reasons why Zurich could be the perfect city to play host to the development of fintech companies in Switzerland.

Paydoo Pick #4

On Hold: Small Firms Lag Behind in Mobile Revolution as Just 17% Have a Mobile-friendly Webste –

A recent nationwide study in the UK suggests that small businesses are losing sales by limiting themselves to traditional methods of payment.

Vicki Owen jumps into the results of the study in this piece and explores the background behind the numbers.

Paydoo Pick #5

The Final CFPB Prepaid Card Rule Is Here (Expect Controversy) – PYMNTS

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau recently released new rules for prepaid products. These rules aim to protect users by giving them enhanced protection and a series of well-defined rights.

But the rules are controversial: could they be stifling payments growth by over-regulating a rapidly growing industry? PYMNTS looks at some important reactions to the rules in their piece.

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