Online Payments News: Paydoo’s December Picks

Welcome to “Paydoo Picks”, the monthly Paydoo series where the team shares the key news, articles and developments from the past month in the payments industry.

In this dynamic and growing industry, there is never a dull moment and November has been no exception: from promises of new Tech capitals throughout Europe, to low-cost digital payments fuelling growth for merchants in Africa, November has been an exciting month. 

Let’s explore December in the payments industry.

Mastercard and Verifone Partner On Point-Of-Sale Financing


Mastercard have partnered with Verifone in the U.K. to offer an attractive payment option to their consumers, who will have the option to spread the cost of big purchases over a series of installments directly at Verifone Point of Service terminals.

“Mastercard Installments” will not arrive in time for the holiday season, but will be available to consumers from January 2017 onwards. The team here at Paydoo are intrigued to see how the convenience and privacy of this payment option resonates with consumers in the future.

Small merchants, big opportunity: the forgotten path to financial inclusion


Our second piece takes us from the U.K. to the outskirts of Ibadan in Nigeria where Visa connected with Benjamin, one of the developing world’s 180 million small merchants whose businesses and lives can be changed by financial service providers.

This joint report from Visa, Dalberg and the Global Development Incubator tells the story of other small merchants like Benjamin, merchants who have the capacity to jumpstart the growth of a cashless ecosystem.

The report is a fascinating exploration of how expanded cashless acceptance in developing markets can unlock the social and commercial opportunities of small merchants.

Wargaming and Paymentwall team up to bring more payment methods for in-game purchases

PaymentWall, one of the world’s leading free-to-play MMO developers, partnered with PaymentWall to break new grounds when it comes to accepting a huge variety of payment methods.

Their gamers can now use over 150 alternatives to credit or debit cards, with many local alternatives among that number.

Holiday Retail eCommerce Sales Promise Growth But Fraudulent Activity Also Rising

ACI Worldwide

As we approach the holiday season, the number of online transactions conducted per minute reaches incredible heights. But, ACI Worldwide suggests, this increased activity is met with increased fraudulent activity from fraudsters hoping to capitalise on lowered defenses.

This insightful piece from ACI Worldwide crunches the numbers and also provides handy tips to merchants who are hoping to avoid as much fraudulent activity as possible over the holiday season.

Mastercard Uses AI To Solve Commerce’s Biggest Problem


False declines cost much more than just lost sales, but can have severe impacts on customer relationships who will pursue their products or services elsewhere.

Could Mastercard have developed a network of AI’s that promise to solve the issue of false declines for merchants? This piece from pymnts suggests this could indeed be the case, and explores the intricacies of the “Decision Intelligence” platform. 

There you have it – the month of December in the payments industry.

On behalf of all the Paydoo team, we wish you a happy holiday season and look forward to inspiring payments growth together in 2017.

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