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Paydoo provides solutions for global merchants.
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Drive sales conversions

Avoid abandoned shopping carts by improving your customer experience with Paydoo’s user-friendly e-commerce payment methods interface - make it as simple as possible for your customers to finalise their cross border payments or local purchases anywhere in the world.

Speed up time to market

Reduce setup times with a single API integration to support our omni-channel service for your eCommerce, mCommerce and mobile in-store transactions to enable global payment solutions of any type. Target eCommerce markets in more than 160 countries and offer over 100 payment methods.

Reach shoppers internationally

Gain a strong global position across different markets by making it easy to shop. We have integrated different payment methods for e commerce merchants internationally. You can offer both: local and cross border payments quickly and securely across all geographies with ACI Pay.On Gateway, by providing access to 170 transaction currencies, over 100 payment types, and all major credit cards.

Welcome genuine shoppers, block fraudsters

Approve only legitimate shoppers and block e-commerce fraud automatically with our innovative fraud screening services powered by ACI ReD Shield® fraud management. Avoid e-commerce fraud with our management and screening tools that ensure secure payment services to all online merchants.

Reduce compliance costs

Full PCI compliant processing is provided by Paydoo. Avoid undergoing the high-cost and time consuming certification procedures on your own.

Simplify payments for gamers

Paydoo provides not only instant deposits, but also international withdrawals adapted for online merchants. Make it easier for your clients to pay - we will provide you with a seamless solution whichever device your gamers are using, be it desktop, tablet, mobile or VR.

Easy integration and global access

Integrating with Paydoo is done via a simple API solution provided by ACI Pay.On Gateway, that will give you access to over 170 transaction currencies, 16 settlement currencies, more than 100 payment types, and all major credit cards in any geographic location.

Benefit from flexible terms

Our payments experts have years of experience in global payment systems for gaming and gambling businesses, which allowed us to adapt our solutions to your business specifics. Whether you need one-click tokenisation for fast, in-game payments, or recurring transactions for game subscriptions, we will provide you with the solution that fits your business needs.

Block fraudsters and prevent scams

Approve only legitimate gamers and avoid fraud automatically with our innovative card fraud prevention services powered by ACI ReD Shield® fraud management to reduce your financial risk to a minimum. Prevent scam thanks to an integrated fraud risk management software.

Simplified payouts

Paydoo will enhance your daily operations by accepting cross border payments from gamers anywhere in the World and provide them with a fast and easy way to top up their accounts and pay out winnings back to their preferred credit/debit cards, alternative payment methods or bank accounts via original credit transactions (OCT) in a simple and secure way.

Fast booking process

Leave no time for second thoughts on the best holiday deals – Paydoo solutions will let your clients proceed to an instant checkout and maximize your conversion rates due to our 99,99% guaranteed uptime.

Single integration, full access

Save time on integrations - our entire global payment solution network is available through a single API, which will give you access to 170 transaction currencies, over 100 trusted payment types, and all major credit cards internationally.

Serve all travellers globally

Reach more customers worldwide by offering extensive global and local cross border payment solutions provided by ACI Global. You will access a wide network of payment providers and merchants with technical connectivity to reach clients in more than 160 countries, supporting global card payments, all currencies for payment processing and all most common local payment methods.

Consult our experts

Experts with several years of experience in Travel and Hospitality payment processing will put a personalized online merchant payments solution together to help you boost your booking rates in record times.

Minimise risk and prevent fraud

Serve only trustworthy travellers by automating your fraud prevention system. Paydoo provides innovative online fraud detection services powered by ACI ReD Shield® fraud management, to reduce your financial risk to a minimum.

Target traders anywhere in the world

Access all currencies, most popular global payment solutions and over 100 internationally popular alternative payment types to serve Forex traders globally in order to increase your customer base and retention.

Monitor transactions real-time

ACI Pay-On intelligent interface will allow you to monitor and analyse transactions, manage chargebacks, identify anomalies and trends real time. Thanks to our fraud detection software, you will save time and effort on manual reviews and be able to concentrate on profit.

Improve liquidity

Paydoo solutions for Forex brokers will significantly improve global payment services for your traders and increase liquidity, saving you time and money spent when dealing with liquidity providers directly.

Enjoy flexible terms

Years of experience providing secure payment services for FX brokers have taught us to understand and adapt our solutions to your business specifics for any volume of transactions. Full PCI compliant processing provided by Paydoo will save you from the costly process of undergoing certification on your own.

Payouts made easy

Accept traders from anywhere in the World by providing global payment solutions to simplify adding funds to their account and use Paydoo supported OCT payments to pay out customers back to their preferred credit/debit cards.

Cut time-to-market

Saving time to enter the market is of highest importance, when it comes to Crypto. Paydoo payments gateway provided by ACI Worldwide PAY.ON is an omni-channel solution that only requires a single API integration for full access to the full range of secure payment services, including access to more than 100 alternative payment methods, 170 transaction currencies and 16 currencies for settlement.

Monitor all transactions in-depth

Real-time business intelligence transaction reporting and analysis tools will help you keep track of all transactions and analyse your client portfolio with real-time monitoring to identify trends detect anomalies immediately for an efficient fraud management.

PCI compliance and local regulations

Paydoo full PCI compliant tokenization will give you access to all major global payment solutions and let you avoid undergoing high-cost and time-consuming online merchant certification procedures on your own.

Block fraud instantly

The popularity of crypto currencies is attracting an increasing amount of scammers and fraudsters Worldwide. For that reason, we are constantly monitoring the industry and have implemented the ultimate online fraud detection and scrubbing techniques available on the market by ACI ReD Shield® fraud management — a sophisticated real-time fraud prevention solution.

Get expert insights

The Paydoo team has several years of experience setting up gateway accounts for providing secure cross border payments for blockchain companies. We are following all the latest industry updates on a daily basis, so we are ready to provide you with a personalized and secure payment service anytime to help you grow your business and give you extra competitive edge.

Can't see yours above? Contact us for a full list of supported lines of business.