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Open Positions

Reconciliation Officer

We are looking for a new key team member to join our Riga office full-time.

Some of your responsibilities as Reconciliation officer of Paydoo are listed below:

  • Preparing Paydoo client settlement statements to account for any debit or credit card purchases, applicable card scheme and processor fees and third party fees.

  • Managing Paydoo client processing fund reporting and accounting processes and improving processes and procedures through thoughtful implementation of ideas.

  • Managing bank accounts that relate to the client funds settlement and making sure Paydoo gets settled by its acquiring banks in a timely manner and without any discrepancies, as well as ensuring Paydoo clients’ timely settlement.

  • Perform full reconciliation of daily settlement statements received from various banks in comparison to our Paydoo internal data and rate sheets.

  • Check client settlement amounts calculated by our internal systems and answering clients’ ad-hoc requests.

  • Liaise with partner banks to resolve any differences Paydoo may have with regard to settlement statements. Establish a close working relationship with relevant individuals at partner banks in order to ensure efficiency through communication and implementation of improved procedures.

  • Generate weekly/monthly reports relating to various aspects of the business for internal and external purposes. Topics can include: Rolling Reserve, Revenue, Related party fees, Profit etc. An ideal Candidate will have the following skills/qualifications:

  • Minimum Qualification Requirement – Bachelor Degree in Economics, Finance, or Accounting.

  • Excellent level of numeracy.

  • Proficiency in Excel.

  • Working level of literacy in English.

  • Previous work experience involving bookkeeping, bank reconciliation and/or acquiring/payment processing will be considered as a significant benefit.

  • Demonstrable commitment to providing a customer focused service in order to achieve business objectives.

  • Comfortable working as an integral part of a team and assist with the business development

  • The candidate must be willing to work full time in our office in Riga center.

If you are interested in this role, please apply by sending your CV directly to Dina Rudaka: ​[email protected]​.

Merchant Underwriter

We are looking for a new team member to join our Riga office full-time.

Job responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Establish and maintain efficient business relationship with the merchants who are applying for the electronic payment processing services.
  • Assist the merchants throughout the full application process, collect all necessary documentation, conduct all relevant identity, PEPs and sanctions, corporate checks and take other required AML/KYC-related measures.
  • Perform full underwriting analysis on prospective merchant applications within corporate rules and procedures.
  • Conduct website underwriting process in accordance with the set procedures, practices and card scheme requirements.
  • Maintain, update and process records in the corporate CRM system.
  • Effectively manage customer cases within agreed Service Level Agreements, proactively request necessary documentation for missing/irrelevant data and information.
  • Ensure all customer cases are underwritten and maintained in accordance with corporate guidelines and procedures.
  • Provide necessary support and consultation to new and existing customers to ensure a seamless payment processing experience.
  • Handle customer requests on an ongoing basis.
  • Provide accurate merchant performance review in line with the Service Level Agreements and provide updates to each stakeholder within agreed timeframes on any actions required and taken.
  • Maintain efficient relationship with partner banks, financial institutions and service providers in line with the job responsibilities.
  • Assist Fraud/Risk department on potential fraud/risk related matters.

An ideal Candidate will have the following skills/qualifications:

  • Working level of literacy in English and desirable working literacy in Russian (but not mandatory)
  • Very organized and comfortable dealing with third parties on a daily basis
  • Previous experience with corporate structures and compliance
  • Previous work experience in the banking sector or acquiring would be advantageous, but is not mandatory
  • Demonstrable commitment and motivation towards providing a customer-focused service in order to achieve business objectives
  • Comfortable working as part of a team and assisting with the development of the 
  • The candidate must be willing to work full-time with flexible hours in our office located in central Riga