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Our Story

Started in the Baltics in 2013, Paydoo has grown to become a leading and trusted Payment Service Provider throughout Europe.

Over these years Paydoo has established a global footprint with over 60 employees across its offices in London, Riga, Vilnius, New York & Connecticut (United States). Paydoo is an authorised and registered E-money Institution, with its license passported across European Union member states. Paydoo provides Visa and Mastercard acquiring services for Card Not Present (CNP) and Card Present (CP) transactions. This year Paydoo received Visa Associate Membership and Mastercard Affiliate status and holds direct Acquiring BINs in Europe and North America.

As well as offering these services, Paydoo offers in-house developed technology including automated merchant onboarding, risk management and payout reporting for ISO’s, ISV’s, and IPSPs. Paydoo has positioned itself as a technology company that provides integrated payment solutions offering what is called acquiring-as-a-service as its flagship product.

Founded by entrepreneurs, Paydoo is built on the foundations of innovation, collaboration, trust, and community. At Paydoo, we believe in the importance of each stage of the journey, not just the race. Focussing on our partners and clients and enabling their success is a key aspect of how we do business.

A few things that define us


We believe that the key to every successful partnership is communication. We enjoy the process of getting to know the people behind the business to understand their way of thinking, their vision and values. Our team is composed of payment professionals with wide industry knowledge, dedicated to learn the specifics of every partners’ business, update and be updated on any relevant news and act accordingly.


We aim to create a global partner network built on mutual trust. Delivering complete transparency to each trusted Paydoo partner is our mission. Our role is to provide the best tools that enable a 360 view of all onboarding processes and in-depth transaction data, which is why we invest in the most advanced technical solutions to make live reporting and complex analytics seamless, comprehensive and easily accessible.


We believe in being there for our community of partners and clients. As a business every second counts, so it's important you can count on us. Our role is to enable growth and success. We have developed custom internal systems meaning we can perform our tasks with efficiency and expertise in a timely manner so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

  • Jason Jeffries

    General Manager • Repair & Assure LTD
    We have been using Paydoo as our merchant gateway for around 1,5 years now and the service that we have received throughout the entire time has been eye-opening, to how a merchant gateway should treat and look after their clients. If I have ever been unsure or required assistance with something payment related - there is always somebody immediately wishing to help and going further than expected to do exactly that. Paydoo are a shinning example of a Merchant Providing Service - and we at Repair & Assure could not be happier.
  • Jon Baugher

    Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer • POSaBIT, Inc
    Paydoo has helped us grow our business by providing us with a single plugin that gives access to all payment methods that we were looking for, including an automated fraud management system and reporting, which lets us see beyond transactions. If you're looking for a reliable payments partner, look no further!
  • Danny Hayes

    I've been using Paydo/Veripay now for the last 2,5 years. They were great from start to finish. Updated me on a regular basis and also prompted me when I forgot. Since then they have been most helpful on a daily basis. I have a great relationship with my Account Manager and the rest of the Team. Highly recommended to a point where I have referred businesses already.

Our Management Team

Sam Kohli


Dina Rudaka

Chief Financial Officer

Dmitry Morozov

Chief Technology Officer

Jean Borg

Chief Risk Officer

Tony Brown

Head of Relationship Management

Frank Landen

Head of POS

Anastasia Račkovska

Head of Onboarding

Irina Podčepajeva

Head of Customer Service and Technical Support

Aleksejs Mitrushins

Legal Counsel

Austris Ārbergs

Head of HR

Eglė Andzevičiūtė

Head of AML and Compliance/MLRO

Kristaps Kruze

Head of Design

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